Yoga for Musicians

Liz KohlBasic description: This introductory course to yoga will give an overview of yoga and some of its history, basic anatomy, and physical practice (asana) specifically applied to practicing musicians.

A student who successfully completes this course should have the information to:

  1. Participate in yoga classes with increasing nonjudgement
  2. Have written & reflected throughout the quarter on the effect yoga has had on their instrument/practice in weekly journal questions
  3. Have experienced at least 3 styles or traditions of yoga
  4. Be able to identify a few key muscles used in a specific yoga posture
  5. Be able to lead a short yoga asana/pranayama sequence
  6. Understand a little about the lineage of yoga and its differences in Western culture
  7. Have a cursory knowledge of the 7 primary Chakras and Ayurveda & Doshas Learning

Course number: MUS 187

Class time: M/W from 9:00-9:50 AM

Instructor: Liz Kohl













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