Piano InteriorSound equals movement. As musicians we move to create sound, whether it be to depress keys, bow and pluck strings, or move air through our vocal chords or instruments. The study of music is expanding to include awareness and use of our bodies as it relates to the sounds we produce. In past centuries this aspect of musicianship was termed technique and often confined to analysis of the movements of the hands and arms, or the study of the respiratory system. As it turns out, the more a musician knows about correct use of the entire body, the more facility of movement and variety of sound is available. So understanding the use of the fingers and arms, or throat and lungs is just the beginning. The Coordinate Movement philosophy is that every musician can play and sing with more ease and increased artistry by better understanding the structure and movement of their body. Through study of sensory awareness, anatomy, movement, and healthy life habits, you will be given the tools to reach your full potential as a musician and artist.










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