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Colleen O'Connor

Colleen graduated from the Coordinate Movement program in 2008. She came to the program unable to play without pain and graduated with a Bachelor's of Science in Music. She currently resides in Vancouver, B.C where she teaches music and freelances as a singer-song writer.


Original song: How to Sing (mp3)


Matt Grossman
Senior Recital - Bachelor of Music in Piano Performance
Portland State University 6/15/07


Chopin Ballade #4 (mp3)




Chantal stillChantal
Graduate Recital - Master of Music
Portland State University 9/27/03


Debussy Preludes

1) La Puerto del Vino (Wine Gate)


2) Feux d'artifice (Fireworks)


Chantal was the first student to graduate from the Coordinate Movement Program!


"For nine years I was unable to play the piano without constant, sharp pain in my right arm and elbow. Since working with the instructors of the Coordinate Movement Program I have made many changes in the way I play and rarely experience any discomfort. I find it strange that pianists know very little about anatomy. The courses in this program present movement anatomy in a very basic way, then students can apply the information directly to playing. We also work on maintaining awareness of our entire body, all of our senses and our emotions. I feel more freedom when I play and my recent performances have been more musical and without memory slips. I would strongly recommend this program to anyone serious about creating beautiful music, injured or not."


- Chantal- Graduate, Master of Music in Piano Performance

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