Lisa in consultation with studentPrivate Lessons

Available on a consultation basis, Lisa Marsh works with injured musicians in a private lesson setting to help them gain awareness of their body and retrain their movements to reduce strain and fatigue. Lessons include technique from an anatomical perspective, interpreting the score with maximum physical freedom, how to practice effectively, developing memorization strategies, preparing for performances, improvisation as a tool for discovering the body's natural movements, and developing a healthy lifestyle.


Body Mapping for Musicians- a two day course providing the fundamental principles of Body Mapping through lectures and hands on learning for participants in a group lesson setting.

Nine Points of Awareness for Pianists: a one day course providing the basic elements of the Coordinate Movement Program through lectures, demonstrations and master classes.

Feedback From Participants

"Students need more workshops on awareness! It is wonderful to learn about the skeletal structure!"

"Lisa is warm, positive and extremely informative. Great workshop!"

"Extremely clear and easy to understand: also made everyone feel comfortable playing and changing"

Teacher Referrals

Referrals for piano teachers are available for the Portland metropolitan area. Teachers trained in the Coordinate Movement Program integrate sensory awareness, anatomy and movement with the traditional study of technique and interpretation.

Photo by Elise Marsh

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