Body Mapping for Musicians

Vitruvian DiagramBasic Description: Body Mapping is a course offered at Portland State University for all musicians interested in learning how to play and sing with less tension and more enjoyment. You do not need to be enrolled in the music school to take this course! Discover how knowledge of anatomy and movement promote freedom and artistry. Explore techniques for developing confidence as a performer in a supportive setting.

Each class consists of a lecture and lab session where students explore the concepts of Body Mapping together with licensed instructors.


Course Number: MUS 204


Class Time: M/W 12:45-1:50pm


Instructor: Lisa Marsh


Topics of study include the following: sensory awareness and inclusive attention, how to sit and stand at balance, understanding the structure and movement of major joints of the body, identifying and experiencing the structures and movement of breathing, developing strategies to reduce performance anxiety, how to practice without strain or fatigue, hearing loss prevention, and creating a healthy life style.


Selected students will be invited to return to the class for a second and third year to serve as teaching assistants. In this capacity students will deepen their knowledge of course concepts while participating in lecturing, coaching other students and assisting with course research. Teaching assistants may also apply to train for licensing in Body Mapping.


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What students are saying about the class:

"The pain in my shoulder is now almost gone"

 "This information should be available to every musician at the beginning of their studies"

"When one is in their body, one can truly perform"

"Body Mapping has greatly enhanced the physical and mental awareness of my practice, performance and realization as an artist."

Body Mapping Video Analysis

View sample before & after studies:

Sample 1
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Sample 2
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