What is Coordinate Movement?

Coordinate Movement is a holistic approach to the study of music. Knowledge of the brain and body are incorporated into the traditional study of interpretation and technique. Private lessons and classes give musicians an opportunity to discover their artistic potential in a supportive environment. Every musician can improve their ability to communicate through music by increasing awareness of the nature and quality of their movements.


What is the Coordinate Movement Program?

The Coordinate Movement Program consists of private lessons and classes at Portland State University. Topics of study include Body Mapping, Yoga for Musicians, the Taubman Method of piano technique, how to reduce performance anxiety, hearing loss prevention, and wellness principles. In private lessons and small group settings, musicians explore fundamental concepts and put them into practice.

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What is Body Mapping?

Body Mapping is the study of anatomy and physiology based on the discoveries of Alexander teachers Barbara Conable and Bill Conable. Body Mapping for Musicians is a one term course offered at Portland State University which focuses on anatomy and physiology as it relates to playing an instrument and singing. Musicians study sensory awareness, joints and muscles, how to prevent injury and how to practice more effectively. Supervised lab sessions provide one on one coaching from the instructors. Learn to play and sing without tension and increase your artistry!

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