Why Coordinate Movement?

As musicians we communicate ideas and emotions through the vibrations of sound waves. These vibrations are set into motion by our movements. To discover mastery of our artistic potential, we must turn inward and be aware of how we move our bodies to create sound.

What is Coordinate Movement?

Coordinate Movement is a holistic approach to the study of music. Knowledge of the brain and body are incorporated into the traditional study of interpretation and technique... Learn more about the curriculum >

What is Body Mapping?

Body Mapping is the study of anatomy and physiology based on the discoveries of Alexander teachers Bill Conable and Barbara Conable. Body Mapping for Musicians is a one term course offered at Portland State University which focuses on anatomy and physiology as it relates to playing an instrument and singing... Learn more about the curriculum >

Seeing and Hearing is Believing

Awareness makes the difference. Watch and listen to a collection of performances - all benefiting from the Coordinate Movement philosophy.
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